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          The position of County Collector is a countywide elected position with a four year term.  Johnson County Collector Ruthane Small was sworn into office on January 26, 1993, and has been elected to office for four subsequent terms.  Small was elected President of the Missouri County Collectors’ Association in 2000-2001.  During her tenure as President of the Collectors’ Association, Small worked with the Secretary of State’s office to revise the County Collectors’ Records Retention Manual and formed a team with Missouri Department of Revenue for two-year license plate renewals and on-line renewal processes. 

          Small has expanded the use of technology in the Collector’s office to improve the quality, access and speed of services.  She continues to work with her programmer being a pioneer of new and challenging improvements in the office, such as the summary sheet and merging personal property and real estate tax bills together for printing.  Previously this was done manually and was very time consuming.  The Collector’s office has such a short time to produce, audit and mail tax bills.  Our goal is to get the tax bills to the taxpayers as soon as possible so they can budget for the payment.  
          Ruthane and her husband, Greg, reside in Warrensburg.  Greg is a teacher and coach in the Warrensburg R-VI School District.  They have three sons:  Ryan Small, Casey Small, and Brad Small and his wife, Sarah, have two children, Taylor and Tucker.  Mrs. Small was born in Warrensburg, Missouri.  The daughter of Vivian Parsons and the late William P. Parsons. 

             MEET THE REST OF THE STAFF . . .
Karla Wilson has worked in the Collector's Office since 2005.  Her knowledge of
the County is a tremendous asset to the office.  Karla is married to Downey Wilson and reside in rural Johnson County.  They have two sons, Matthew Wilson and Jason Wilson and his wife, Amy.    
Ruthane Small has served as Johnson County Collector
since 1993