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Personal Property Tax (tangible property)
This includes automobiles, motorcycles, boats, trailers, mobile homes, airplanes, livestock, farm machinery, office equipment, etc.  The first week of January each year, the Assessor's office mails new assessment lists for personal property declaration.  Every person owning tangible personal property must return a listing of those items to the Assessor's office so they can determine its value.
Moved to Johnson County from another State.  You will need to get a new account set-up in the Assessor's office and they will issue a waiver (exemption) for the appropriate tax year.  The Collector's office will certify that you have no delinquent personal property tax that you can present to the license bureau to obtain Missouri license plates.  Contact the Assessor's office to confirm what you may need to bring with you. 

Moved to Johnson County from another County in Missouri.  You would use your tax receipt from the previous County for licensing.  Taxes are based on where you were living on Janaury 1.  You do not have to pay taxes in two counties for the same year.  However, you will need to get set up with Johnson County Assessor's office for future tax years.  

First vehicle in my name. Contact the Assessor's office to get set up and they will verify titling with DOR and determine if you are entitled to a waiver (exemption).  It will print in the Collector's office and we will certify that you have no tax due.  If the vehicle is joint titled, you may need a tax receipt or waiver in the other name as well.

I no longer own a vehicle on my tax receipt or the vehicle I am licensing is not listed on my tax receipt.  Taxes are based on where you live and what you own on January 1 of each year.  Because people buy and sell automobiles everyday, one day is used as a distinct cut off for taxes.  Changes should be reported on your assessment list for the following year.  

One of my vehicles was left off my tax bill.  Contact the Assessor's office for all changes and corrections. 

Vehicle listed on the tax receipt doesn't run anymore.  State law requies a resident to list what personal property they own not what is licensed or operating.

Sales tax is often confused with personal property tax.  Sales tax is paid at the license bureau on a new purchase.  Click here  to use the sales tax calculator provided by the DOR for an estimate on how much sales tax will be due. 

I no longer live in Missouri, do I still owe this tax bill?  Yes.  Taxes are based on residency as of January 1 in Missouri.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem fair when you move out to pay for the rest of the year.  However, when you move into the state of Missouri you did not pay taxes until the following year so you get the remainder of the first year free and then pay at the end of the next year.  The same applied if you bought your first vehicle while living in Missouri.  You would have had at least one year, plus a few months, of no tax due.