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One of the following:  Taxpayer ID Number, Tax Bill Number, Account Number OR Parcel Number (enter without dashes and dots).

If you need help locating one of these numbers call our office at (660) 747-5531

We recognize our obligation to keep information secure and confidential, therefore, we are not offering name look-up at this time.  Searching by Taxpayer ID is the best method as it will group multiple bills and types together that have been assigned to your unique ID number.  Your Taxpayer ID is located in the upper right corner of your tax statement.  If you do not have your tax statement, you may call the Collector's office to obtain your Taxpayer ID.  If you are viewing an unpaid tax bill, confirm that all property is listed correctly and completely before proceeding to the payment site to pay the bill.  The ID you use may not include all tax bills you wish to pay.  Click Here for more details describing each search mode.  

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